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What We Do

We primarily stage “pop-up adventure playgrounds” (AKA pop-ups). At pop-ups, kids play with “loose parts,” or open-ended materials that don’t dictate how to use them: cardboard boxes, tape, fabric, chalk, tires, ropes, etc.  We support the play using a unique approach called playwork. 

At its most basic level, playwork is about removing barriers to play, and enriching the play environment…The role of the playworker is to create flexible environments which are substantially adaptable or controllable by the children

Professor Fraser Brown of Leeds Becket University

As playworkers, we make sure our spaces provide for a variety of play types and have no hazards.   We interfere only when truly necessary or requested by children because we want them to create their own world.

We stage pop-ups at parks, street festivals, libraries, block parties, and birthday parties. Pop-ups are infinitely adaptable to different environments, ages, skill levels, interests, and even weather! We can make them small, for, say, 10 people, or huge, for 200 and more. Interested to have a pop-up at your event or location? Email us at   for a quote!

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